Skilled in the art of ballet…trained in the art of teaching.

At White River Ballet Academy, students learn from passionate and experienced professionals who have advanced training and certification in how to teach ballet. That know-how means our students receive age appropriate instruction that is safe, smart, and designed to help each dancer reach their fullest potential.
Whether ballet is a creative outlet, physical workout, or career aspiration, students can train with the best at WRBA!

White River Ballet Academy combines the best practices in pedagogy, child development, sports psychology and anatomy to develop both strong classical ballet dancers and healthy, well balanced children.
Our high quality of instruction flows from our depth of ballet experience. We were students of ballet who grew up to dance professionally and teach and choreograph at a national and international level.
Our resident choreographers create original ballets that integrate dance, music and art. These incredible shows invigorate our dancers and expand their abilities in a way unmatched by classical shows.