Yes, we have two dressing rooms available for student use.  All bags and outdoor clothing can be left in the dressing rooms. The 1st floor dressing room is for students in Primary B/C through Level 2B. The 2nd floor dressing room is for Level 3B-Adult. Please socially distance. No parents are allowed upstairs unless you have a meeting with a staff member in the office.
Closings due to weather or other emergencies will be posted on this website, our Instagram page and our Facebook page. In addition, students and/or their parents will receive email notification.
We have 2 viewing windows and will allow guests to observe from the windows when the shade is up. No guests are allowed in the studio as this can be distracting for our students and teachers. If the studio door is open, you are welcome to observe from the doorway. Please keep voices down in the hallway. Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s dance education by attending performances with their child and participating in parent committee activities.
Yes, we call it our “Spring Performance” (not “recital”) and it takes place in early June.
Participation in spring performance is not required but strongly encouraged. Rehearsals take place during the last 15 minutes of class and on occasional Saturdays. Attendance at rehearsals, including special technical and dress rehearsals scheduled before our year-end performance, is mandatory for performers.
We offer classes in ballet, pointe, variations as well as occasional classes in musical theatre, yoga, modern and Progressing Ballet Technique. Classical ballet provides the technical foundation for all other dance forms. With a solid ballet foundation, classically trained dancers can transfer their skills into jazz, tap, modern dance, or any other dance form or dance class they might decide to pursue.
Registration is due by August 25 and classes start in September.  Your child MUST be age 5 by September 30 unless your child has completed one year our our Pre-Primary Ballet class that was held in 2022-2-23.We strongly encourage students to start at the beginning of the school year. Starting half way through the year is difficult in terms of catching up and fully preparing for our spring performance. Students who want to participate in our annual year-end performance must begin taking classes in January at the latest.
Tuition varies based on the number of hours taken per week. See our Registration & Tuition page for current rates.
Our classes typically have 5-18students.
While we would love to accommodate everyone’s requests and carpools, we place dancers according to age and ability.
Yes. All students are expected to wear the appropriate uniform for their level. Please read our Dress Code page. And be sure to stop into our BOUTIQUE for all your dance supplies.
All participating students are charged a performance fee of $75 for the spring performance. This fee is due by April 1. The performance fee helps cover the cost of altering and laundering existing costumes and supports the addition of new costumes and accessories to our inventory. All costumes are property of WRBA. Students will be charged a replacement fee for lost or damaged costumes.
Ballet is an athletic pursuit and the body needs the best support possible. Here are a few ideas to help your child have the most beneficial training experience:

Fuel, Hydration & Adequate Rest
Have your child eat a small snack about 30-60 minutes before class. Choose foods such as fruits, vegetables, yogurt and nuts – these are a great way to fuel your child’s active body. Be sure your child has some water to drink after class to stay hydrated. Occasional, small sips of water are advisable during longer classes, especially during the summer, but avoid gulping large amounts of water as it can lead to uncomfortable bloating and the need for frequent breaks. Sleep is very important for muscle recovery and mental focus, so ensure your child gets adequate rest.

Stay in Shape Outside the Studio
In addition to any physical education programs your child may participate in at school, we encourage them to stay active through activities such as swimming, walking, bike riding, yoga, pilates, and gyrotonics.

Continue dance in the Summer
Continuing your dance education in the summer is vital to ones progression. Summer is the best time to dance. WRBA always offers private lessons, summer sessions and camps. It’s a great way to stay to connected to your friends, stay in shape and most importantly keep up to date on your levels curriculum. Taking 3 months off is not ideal and will only set you back once you return in the fall.

Arriving Early & Preparing for Class
Your child will get the maximum benefit from his/her ballet class if he/she arrives early (15 minutes before) and prepared for class in the proper attire with hair done. Students should use the minutes before class to stretch or think about the exercises they did in their last class.