Mission Statement

WRBA strives to foster a supportive, positive, fun, healthy and respectful atmosphere with proper guidance, education and discipline. It is our goal to bring new levels of excellence to each student’s dancing and to deliver classical ballets and new works to the community and our audiences. WRBA emphasizes the importance of a noncompetitive atmosphere. Providing highly structured, disciplined classes and enforcing professional behavior are principals that we believe in which create a well-rounded student and individual who appreciates the beautiful world of dance.

Payments, Refunds and Withdrawal

Classes will fill on a first-come first serve basis as completed registrations are received.  WRBA has a no-refund policy. The registration fee is non-refundable. Tuition is non-refundable. Monthly payments are due on the 25th of the previous month. It is your responsibility for making sure payments are received on or before the due date to avoid late charges. There is a $20 fee for any payment received after the 25th. Please mail payments to PO Box 1082 White River Junction, VT 05001 or drop payment off at the studio office.
We ask for a 2 week written notice if you decide to withdraw your child from WRBA.

Placement Class

If you are new to WRBA, you are required to take a placement class. Please call the studio to set up a consultation. Age is the primary guide to level placement; however, ability is taken into consideration.

Private lessons and Semi-Private lessons

Because private lessons are scheduled on a first come-first serve basis, there is a limited number of private lessons available each week. The studio will be open 15 minutes before each lesson begins to ensure enough warm up time and proper preparation. WRBA asks that you notify the teacher if you are unable to make a lesson as soon as possible. If a “no show” were to occur, 1/2 of the private lesson cost will be charged. Private lessons are non-refundable and non-transferable unless accompanied by a doctor’s note or in the event of an unavoidable emergency. Semi-private lessons consist of 2 students who are of like technical ability. All private lesson payments are expected a the time of the lesson. Please call the studio for private lesson rates and availability.

Dress code

Convertible Ballet tights, leotards and canvas ballet shoes are required. You are expected to follow the dress code that corresponds with your class. Warm-ups, such as leg warmers, shirts, sweat pants, etc., are acceptable for the beginning of class only. Primary-Level 7 must follow the ABT Curriculum Dress Code.


WRBA reserves the right to cancel a class or combine classes if there are not enough students to fill the class. Likewise, more class times may be scheduled to accommodate an overflow. WRBA also reserves the right to cancel a class due to any hazardous weather conditions or other emergencies no less than 1 1/2 hrs. before the start of class. If this is the case, a notification will be posted on site as well on the studio’s answering machine and an email will be sent you to.

Tardiness/Make up classes

WRBA recommends arriving at the studio at least 10 minutes before the start of class. This 10 minutes is crucial for warming up the body and ensures classes start and end on time. If you miss a class that you pre-paid for, you have approximately one month to make it up. No exceptions.

Injuries and Loss of Property

There is a risk of injury with ballet as there is with any sport or physical activity. By registering you agree to not hold WRBA responsible for any injury occuring in the studio or in the parking lot as well as any personal property being misplaced, lost or damaged.

Photography, Videography and Choreography

By registering, you agree to grant WRBA the right to photograph or film you. WRBA has the right to use these materials for advertising, marketing and web site use.


Please be aware that these policies apply to everyone attending WRBA.