The White River Ballet Academy follows a specific curriculum, divided by age, which is outlined in ABT’s National Training Curriculum. Each level is designed to be sensitive to the developmental needs of the age group. Class size is limited. The curriculum combines scientific principles with elements from the classic French, Italian, and Russian schools of training. Students must attend all classes listed for their level. Primary and Level 1A classes are open enrollment and no prior experience is necessary.

2018-2019  CLASS SCHEDULE SEPTEMBER 10, 2018- JUNE 6, 2019
Primary B/C 6-7  yrs. Saturday 10am-11
No experience necessary
Level 1B 8-10 yrs. Tuesday 3:30-5
Minimum of 1 yr. ballet experience
Level 2B 11-12 yrs. Tuesday 5-6:30
Thursday 3:45-5:30
Minimum of 3 yrs. previous ballet experience
Level 3A 12+ yrs. Monday 4-6
Wednesday 5:15-7:15
Thursday 5:30-7:30
Minimum of 4 yrs. previous ballet training
Level 5 13+ yrs. Monday 6-8
Wednesday 3-5:15
Saturday 11am-12:45
Saturday Rehearsal 1:15-4:30
Private Lessons  10 & up Fridays 11-5
Intermediate Adult Ballet 18+ yrs. Tuesday 6:30-8  &  Saturday 11am-12:45
Minimum of 5 yrs. consistent ballet training