I have only good things to say about Jackie Stanton-Conley! When I take class with her, she inspires me to work hard during every minute and every combination. I leave her classes feeling like I learned something new every time and it inspires me to work even harder in her next class! It has been a privilege having her as a teacher over the years, not only for myself, but also for anyone else who has ever experienced one of her classes. She is a great teacher, and I always look forward to my next lesson with her, whether it’s next week, a few months from now, or even next year!
Carrington Lorenz, Dancer with Nashville Ballet
I don’t even know where to begin with my praises of Jackie. As a teacher, she is inspiring, motivating, understanding and passionate. When you walk into the studio with Jackie at the forefront, you know you are there to work hard. Yet, never before has such laborious work been so gratifying. Being a dancer herself, she understands how to reach students and while she demands 100% from everybody in the room, her compassionate demeanor and sincere desire to foster improvement ignites each individual’s personal drive for self-satisfaction. Anybody would be lucky to take her class.
Julia Howe, Former Dancer with Ballet Memphis
I’ve had the opportunity to train with Jackie Stanton-Conley for only a short time. Although, she had an in influence in helping me to become the professional dancer I am currently. Jackie’s approach towards dance is like none other I have seen. She teaches and choreographs with such passion and love for the art form. Her dedication is outstanding. I would reccommend Jackie as a teacher and choreographer to any student that has the opportunity.
Devon Teuscher, Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theatre
I have had the privledgeto be taught by Jackie Stanton-Conley. Every class that I have taken from her in the past, I have left with inspiration, knew information, and a stronger technique. The way she teachers her classes is very inspirational to all of her students and she finds a way to incorporate dancy-steps into a strong technical class. I have had such a rewarding and positive experience with her, and I feel honored to have her as a teacher and an adult-mentor. I very highly recommend her for everyone who has a passion and interest in dance.
Loren W., Former Student
The year before my daughter moved to her current ballet residency school, she supplemented her neighborhood ballet school’s offerings with private lessons from Jackie. My daughter spent a year in private lessons with Jackie, learning and rehearsing many principal variations, one on one. This was exactly the individual attention my daughter needed prior to committing to a year-round ballet school’s program. We still seek Jackie out for lessons when my daughter is in town and we are so excited that she now has her own studio. I heartily recommend Jackie for her experience, her attention to detail, and her love of dance. My daughter certainly benefitted from her instruction.
Karen Lorenz, Parent
Congrats on receiving your 2nd Classical Ballet Teaching Certification! American Ballet Theater is absolutely amazing and so is their teaching curriculum. Your students are fortunate that they have an enthusiastic and educated teacher that STAYS involved in what’s current and safe for them!
Sandra Stanton, Lecturer at Hamilton College
Jackie has not only taught me ballet but also to do my best and try my hardest. I look forward to going to ballet classes every week. I also enjoy that at least once a year we have a performance. I think that helps me become a more confident dancer. I hope to dance with Jackie for many years. She is a fabulous teacher!
Hailey S., WRBA Student
Jackie is the most wonderful ballet teacher one could ever have with her enthusiasm and support. She encouraged and inspired us to spin a tale in our minds that became The Orange Moon, a ballet in two acts. Our performance included eleven pieces choreographed with the steps that we had learned from Jackie.
Natalie J-T., WRBA Student
Jackie definitely is a great teacher that inspires you to work hard. In every class I learn something new. I feel honored to have the privilege to be taught by an ABT certified teacher. Even though you work hard you’ll always find it fun to dance. My goal is to go through the ABT levels [1-7]. Jackie really inspired me to dance.
Judy G., WRBA Student
From the beginning, Jackie has always been there for me. When i gave up a certain hobby of mine that was a huge part of my life, she had this studio (very new when I joined-I’ve been at studio260 since the beginning of its time here in the Upper Valley) and I knew that I could definitely turn to her to help me through this and to keep me dancing. She is a fabulous person with a great personality, and a fantastic teacher that I’ve learned so much from. I’m so glad that there is this wonderful place for dancers, and i’m extremely grateful for everything this has opened up for me. Thank you, Jackie!
Anjali S., WBRA Graduate
Jackie is a creative, energetic teacher who inspires students to recognize their own potential in every class. Her own extensive training is apparent in her ability to work with students of many different levels and ages. Although Jackie is meticulous in her attention to detail and proper technique, the atmosphere of WRBA is always warm and supportive. Through Jackie I have come to a deeper appreciation of dance as an art form and also learned that even as an adult I can take on new challenges with satisfying results.
Rebecca K., Former Student
From the beginning, my impression of Jackie was great. At the very first class I took from her I thought, “Wow, she is willing to give me everything she knows about dance, she cares and wants to help me make my dream my future”. She teaches with all her energy and her ability to demonstrate is remarkable. Because she continually educates herself, her verbal imagery is alive and effective. She remembers what it is like to be a student, and therefore she makes her classes interesting, inspiring and often funny. Jackie is totally supportive and open; I always leave her classes feeling exhilarated.
Gertrude S., Former Student
I have had the wonderful privilege of working with Jackie Stanton-Conley that has forever changed my outlook on not only dance, but life. Her extreme demand in the classroom has helped me to grow in ways I never thought I could. I wouldn’t be even close to the person or dancer I am today without having had Jackie as a teacher and friend. I am honored to have been able to work with her, and I will never forget the things I learned from her.
Anna S., Former Student
I was Jackie’s student for several years when she taught at Vermont Ballet Theatre. Jackie’s pieces were always my favorite to dance. She choreographs unique, beautiful, and challenging pieces. What makes Jackie such a great teacher is her experience and dedication. She is always willing to go that extra mile and truly cares about the progress of her students. I whole heartedly recommend Jackie as an instructor!
Liz P., Former Student
Jackie knows how to inspire you to work your hardest! I always come away from her classes feeling satisfied. Her choreography is fun yet challenging and it’s always exciting to see what she’ll come up with next.
Erin W., Former Student