Beg/Int Teen/Adult Contemporary Dance


Join us for a fun and eclectic approach to modern/contemporary dance.  We’ll build strength and flexibility, learn to inhabit our bodies more fully, explore efficient movement patterns and cultivate more ease & awareness with which to move through life.  Classes are a blend of many approaches to contemporary dance including both traditional & contemporary techniques and somatic practices.  No experience necessary, though some form of movement experience will be helpful. Comfortable clothing and bare feet please.  And bring a water bottle if you can.

Classes meet every Tuesday from 5:30-7 and are held in the new Junction Dance Boutique & Studio (entrance between Open Door and Revolution) on Main St. in WRJ. Fee is $10-$18 per class(sliding scale).  5-class cards also available.

Contact Kelly Armbrust at with questions or to register.



Kelly Armbrust (she/her) holds degrees in dance and dance/movement therapy and has engaged with dance both artistically and therapeutically for much of her life.  As a teacher, her approach blends the traditional and technical with more contemporary and somatic practices, always holding the dual intention of training dancers while supporting her students’ growth as human beings. She believes that dance can connect us more deeply to ourselves and our world, and strives to awaken a growing curiosity and authenticity in her students.  She feels strongly that we should all be dancing more….and that dancing and embodiment practices are forms of activism!  For the more present we learn to be in our bodies, the more we can create positive change in our world.